Our Photographs
Anne & Chris Algar
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When we first began taking photographs with magnifications beyond life-size (1:1), we used extension bellows with either an enlarging lens or microscope lens attached. We have categorized these as ‘Extreme macro’ to separate them from those taken with a microscope. Although the set ups used were different, some images from the two categories may be of similar magnification.

Anne has taken the lead in using a microscope to photograph crystals. To prepare the slides, we dissolve various compounds in water, sometimes add wetting agent, and then spread the solution on a microscope slide and leave to dry. There are several variables involved including the compound(s) used, saturation level of the solution and drying temperature. This leads to varying results which are hard to replicate but give us plenty of different subjects to photograph.

We generally use filters on our microscope to enhance colours and detail when photographing invertebrates. One polarizing filter is permanently seated above the objective lens and another fits into the filter holder on the microscope body. We also have wave plate retarder filters that fit on top of the lower polarizing filter. The filter holders are home built and we made them to fit each other.

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