Wildlife Photographs
Anne & Chris Algar
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All of the photographs on our web site were taken since we bought our first digital SLR in 2005. Due to the fact that our film SLR and its lenses and accessories were made by Canon, we made the obvious choice when we bought a Canon EOS 350D. We have since bought other Canon lenses and bodies and are therefore more or less committed to this brand unless there is a compelling reason to change. Apart from a couple of issues, one of them concerning the EOS 1D Mk. 3, we have been satisfied with our Canon equipment.

Until we began visiting the London Wetland Centre a few years ago, almost all of our photography consisted of taking macro shots of insects. As our interest in photographing birds grew, we were forced into buying telephoto lenses so that we could get reasonably sized images of (mostly) distant subjects. At present, we concentrate on birds during the winter and move over to mostly macro photography of insects in summer.

We do not miss film photography at all. The low cost per shot of digital photography is especially useful when taking bursts of shots of subjects such as birds in flight, and with difficult subjects which result in a low 'keeper' rate. We have always used RAW images in our digital SLRs. For us, it is better to spend the extra time processing our images rather than take the extra risk of burning out the highlights in a hard-to-repeat shot.

When we go out on a photographic trip, we try to take pictures that are either different from the ones we already have, or of better quality. It is not easy for us to find new species of birds every time we venture out and so we look for action among the species we have already photographed. There is an obvious improvement in quality when we compare our early digital photographs to the latest examples. The main reason is probably the improvement in digital cameras and image processing software. Our improved technique learned from taking thousands of pictures probably also makes a contribution.